s  aed  Tech

State of the Art matErials Detection - Any mineral crystal localization from over 50km(see how ) 

SAED EARLY WARNING SYSTEM (D.R.A.M.S. ) is an Early Warning System for long distance Detection-Localization - Monitoring & digital recording in a GIS data base of any kind of PRETUNED targets.   Based on client - server architecture (many clients (sensors) - to one server ( controller)) that embedded  a number of surveillance-detection SAED TECH sensors systems in a modern command & control hyper system, using computers and communications (C4ISR).  Detection technology based on specific applications of magnetic tuned phenomenon.


Our systems detect materials(minerals, crystals, explosives, drugs etc) from a long distance, locate them and digitally capture the exact position in a portable geographical database system.


For explosives, systems designed as to enable sufficient reaction time (adequate time) tο eliminate the threat before it reaches valuable assets.  Gives advantage to tactical comander or administrator   - USER KNOWS IF the TARGET IS BURIED AND IN WHAT DEPTH.


'SAED' technology Detecting and Locating  pre tuned MATERIAL STRUCTURES IN LONG DISTANSE (over 20000 meters long) and high DEPTHS depending on the target mass. Detecting: Gold, rear metals, emeralds, diamonds, rubis, saffron, etc.